The Stormwater Association of North Carolina (SWANC) has a mission to foster professional stormwater management in North Carolina. SWANC serves this mission by:
  • providing a forum for cooperation and building relationships among stormwater professionals, legislators, state regulators, environmental advocacy groups, and others; 
  • creating a mechanism for monitoring trends and developments at the local, state and national level and for exchanging and disseminating information and ideas; and 
  • using the members’ collective experience and expertise to respond to legislative and regulatory proposals affecting stormwater management with sound recommendations. 
SWANC's goals are to inform the public on the value and challenges of managing stormwater in the diverse landscapes and communities of North Carolina, and to ensure that stormwater professionals in North Carolina have a venue for sharing best practices that can most effectively and efficiently manage stormwater to comply with federal and state regulations and serve their citizenry.
Official Website of the Stormwater Association of North Carolina